Our Team

Carte d'Elduïn, continent principal de l'univers d'Unknown Echoes
Roxanne Monget,
Events and Convetions Team leader,
Community Manager
Roxanne Monget.jpg

Assistant Game master

Kaleth, Wizardess of Erigate

Seit, Grande enchantress

I want to see people discover D&D with as much awe as I had myself.

Nathan Schneider, Founder

Nathan Schneider.jpg

Game master,
Creator of the UE universe

Unknown Echoes is my dream. Creating and building upon this fascinating universe is my passion.

Stephanie Sekarski,
Session Team leader
Head of HR


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Game master,

Sora, Champion of Bahamut

Réa, Blacksmith and gunslinger

I sincerely wish that I had been given the opportunity to play D&D sooner. It is an unquenchable source of laughter, emotions and inspiration. This is why we will do all that we can in order for you to be able to play without further delay.

Partie basse de la Carte d'Elduïn, le continent principal de l'univers d'Unknown Echoes.

Lisa Hulaas,

Community Manager

Lisa Hulaas.jpg

Assistant game master

Amber, Chosen of the Druids

The oportunity to evolve in an extraordinary world, limited only by imagination allows us to better understand ourselves. I would like to give everyone the chance to discover themselves in this way.


Des roses

Assistant Game Master
Naéris, Elf Druid

Azyrha, Grande pioneer of Cobalt

As a D&D player, the game allows me to just breathe for a bit. Role playing games are a fantastic way to learn about yourself and others.

Zéphyr Vaucher

La vie subaquatique

Game Master

J’adore donjons et dragon car ce jeu me permets de vivre ma créativité et de la partager avec d’autres. Que ce soit la création de mondes fantastique, le partage d’histoires, le théâtre, le dessin ou le bricolage, donjon et dragons est une magnifique source d’inspiration.

Carte d'Azlora, une île au Nord Ouest d'Elduïn, un haut lieu magique de l'univers d'Unknown Echoes.

Raphaël Cottier

illustré Paysage

Tibor Stricker

Tropical Fleurs et Flamingo

David Carron

white Parrot
Partie basse de la carte d'Azlora, un haut lieu magique de l'univers d'Unknown Echoes.
Alexia Armbruster,
Creation consultant

Corrin, Monk of Qurgh

Que notre personnage soit ressemblant ou contradictoire à notre personnalité, il nous permet de nous (re)découvrir et de nous affirmer en tant qu'individu. Le JDR est un univers bienveillant pour les essais et les erreures. Jouer ressere nos liens avec les autres qui deviennent de réels amis.

Aquarelle Oiseau 2

Evelyne Dumartheray,

Psychologue FSP

Aria Sakura, Ranger from Sagos

Ertugrul Ozcan.jpg

Ertugrul Ozcan,


Lyygdra, Warrior of Bahamut

D&D is far from the cliches that I had pictured. It is a time, spent among friends, where reality and imagination collide. This is what makes these moments magical.

Illustrated Jaguar

Estelle Franzini

Consultante Légale

Zora, Grande Priestess of Boccob